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Portable Digital Video Mini Colposcope Camera with Speculum

Portable Digital Video Mini Colposcope Camera with Speculum



AV video cable
USB data cable
One size S and one size M of the disposable vaginal speculum

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C1001AM. 96 in stock N/A 1.0000 lbs , .


Self-exam, portable, connect to television, computer (windows systems), and you can establish and manage customer files as well.
Suitable for: hospitals, clinics, private doctors, self-exam, etc.
Understand your own health; Easy to learn
See the cervix and the inner wall of the vagina easily
Examination can be done by yourself with convenience and ease
More than 1 million women have used this product


1) Body Camera
Pixels: 3,000,000 pixels
Function keys: Shoot key; Shoot key; Power key; Left key; Right key; Zoom/delete key; Zoom/delete key
Lenghth/width/height: 126mm*40mm*34mm
Weight: 50g
2) Speculum
Small: for nulliparous females;
Medium: for Natural birth females

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Weight 1.0000 lbs


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