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~ Donor Sperm # 12485 ~ Intrauterine (IUI)* Anonymous Graduate


~ Donor Sperm # 12485 ~ Intrauterine (IUI)* Anonymous Graduate


Donor 12485:

The donor reports being of mixed Asian and Caucasian.  Skin complexion- medium/light, Eyes – brown, Hair – brown/straight.

Each kit sent will contain 1 vial of the donor’s washed sperm, 1 ice pack for keeping the sperm cool during shipping, 1 insulated shipping container, and 1 IUI device.

Donor has 6 confirmed successful pregnancies.

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SD12485C-1-1. Out of stock N/A 2.0000 lbs , .


Infectious Disease Evaluation and Sperm Analysis are performed on each of our donors on a regular basis.

Be sure to choose UPS Overnight morning delivery when ordering fresh sperm. US shipping only.

Donors sperm ships washed.

• Formulation contains: HEPES-buffered HTF with human serum albumins
• Does not contain antibiotics
• CE Marked
Quality Control Testing:
• Endotoxins by Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL)
• Mouse Embryo Assay
• Sterility is by the current USP, CFR or Ph. Eur. Sterility Test
• pH
• Osmolality

Upon your order, we will email required forms that must be signed and returned before your order can ship.  We do not require a doctors consent, however we do suggest all women speak with their doctor before trying to become pregnant to make sure they are in good health and that this is the right decision for her.

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Weight 2.0000 lbs


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