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~ Donor Sperm # 100801 ~ Intracervical (ICI)* Anonymous Graduate

~ Donor Sperm # 100801 ~ Intracervical (ICI)* Anonymous Graduate


Donor 100801 Black/African American/Caucasian, Skin complexion- medium, Eyes – brown, Hair – brown/curly
Each kit sent will contain 2 vials of the donors sperm in TYB, a protective case, 2 ice packs for keeping the sperm cool during shipping, and 1 insulated shipping container.
Donor has 4 confirmed successful pregnancies.

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Donor sperm without a doctor

Donor sperm is available without a doctors prior authorization. Here we feel a woman has the right to decide if she wants to have a baby, and should not require a doctor to sign off that she can do so, and then at that point be given donor sperm. We do however want our customers to make sure they are healthy enough to have a child, and so we recommend you seek advice from your doctor.

Upon your order, we will email required forms that must be signed and returned before your order can ship.  We do not require a doctors consent, however we do suggest all women speak with their doctor before trying to become pregnant to make sure they are in good health and that this is right decision for her.

Sperm donors analysis

Infectious Disease Evaluation and Sperm Analysis are performed on each of our donors on a regular basis.

Be sure to choose UPS Overnight morning delivery when ordering fresh sperm.  US shipping only.

Donor sperm ships in Test Yolk Buffer (TYB).  TYB Refrigeration Medium with Gentamicin is ideal for short term sperm storage to preserve sperm for up to 4 days.  With an easy one-step process of simply thawing the media and adding media at a 1:1 ratio with the sperm sample, it is quicker and easier than sperm cryopreservation.  Refrigeration Medium TYB with Gentamicin contains TEST-yolk buffer as the protecting agent, and the glycerol-free formulation avoids the potentially damaging effects from penetrating cryoprotectants.  This product has been CE marked and FDA-cleared for short term sperm storage.

• Contains
– 20% egg yolk – from USDA certified Specific Pathogen Free (Virus Free) laying flocks, heat inactivated at 56° C for 30 minutes
– 10µg/mL Gentamicin Sulfate


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