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Conceive Aid Mustard Seed Oil Tincture

Conceive Aid Mustard Seed Oil Tincture


“Electrifying results produced when sperm came into contact with a mustard oil.”

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Water-based lubricants (like Astroglide, K-Y Jelly, and Touch) are comparable to spermicide, and were outed in a 2014 medical study as major fertility party fouls.* Why? They’re like the McDonalds of lube, packed with harsh chemicals (sperm killers).  They also compromise the natural pH levels in your vagina and screw with your vital cervical mucus (which is the slick super highway for the sperm to reach the egg).

The above mentioned 2014 study revealed the shall we say, electrifying results produced when sperm came into contact with a mustard oil.  Persistent hyper-activation of the incubated sperm surfaced in each sample with no decrease in motility, if other words, mustard seed oil seems to make sperm super-swimmers.  More research is needed to verify if these Dijon-dipped swimmers stay fast all the way to home-base, but as far as safety is concerned, you’re free to give it a go.  In both Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, mustard seed oil has been used for centuries.  Fun Fact: In Shakespeare’s Macbeth when they are using eye of newt in the cauldron, it is, in fact, mustard seed.

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