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Shipping NOTE – Some shipping options, such as UPS, require extra fees for Saturday delivery. If you do not opt for paying the extra fees, your order will not be delivered by UPS on Saturday and may delay your expected delivery.  Also note that Sundays and Federal holidays are not valid shipping days for most carriers.  We will ship your order with the carrier that you choose, however, management may decide to change your shipping selection if it will improve your delivery time.  For example, sometimes USPS will deliver sooner than UPS or vice versa with the same service (2-Day, Priority, etc.).  If we choose to do this and there is an extra shipping cost, we will cover the extra shipping cost.  If your order is perishable and the shipping chosen will cause your item to likely go bad before delivery, we may cancel your order to avoid your item perishing en route.

If you have a special address that needs to be shipped to that does not match the address, as it comes through our system, you will need to send us an email to Sales at TenderNeedsFertility.com to ensure that we know where you want the item shipped.  We expect that our customers are shipping to a PayPal verified shipping address.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  See Terms and Conditions for more information.